A drill drilling through finger in a self-mutilation session.

August 11, 2021

Observe a drill drilling through finger in a self-mutilation session. Why mutilate yourself that way? Many people in the world would like to have a finger and him doing it.

To watch more videos like that, just visit the following link: Self-Mutilation.

Self-mutilation and the drill drilling through finger video

For those who still don’t know, every self-injury session has a psychiatric origin and usually characterizes that the person suffers from a serious psychiatric disorder that requires immediate treatment. Here’s a link for those who want to know more: Self-harm.

About this post and about my absence.

As you probably noticed, I spent a few days without posting videos here. That’s because I was too busy with other things and as I said before, my actions on this site are only done in my spare time.

Now it seems the rules have changed and every post I make must follow certain content rules to pass information, not just videos. Granted, this will slow down my post rate a bit, but if that’s the case then it will be.

It looks like it’s turning into a news site. This is boring. Anyway, watch a drill drilling through finger.

A drill drilling through finger Photo 0001 Video Thumb
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What the hell is he, A Zombie??!!!😧😬


The almighty sublime Plagas would certainly make it so you don’t feel much pain even when drilling through your own motherfucking fingernail on purpose, at the very least you’d be very tolerable to it and would easily endure it. Seeing how this planet is practically crawling with countless amounts of fuckwits, idiots, retards, oligophrenics and alike, it’s actually a good thing they’re fictional and don’t exist in my opinion. You think all those swines listed above would deserve such wondrous genome enrichment? Hell fucking no.


drugged   :wpds_envy: 

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