Watch the exact moment a female supermarket employee savagely attacks another employee in Brazil.


An assault on a disabled employee at the Assaí supermarket, in the Calçada neighbor in Salvador city, in state of Bahia, scared the establishment’s customers on Thursday (28), january 2021.

A video went viral from the moment of the fight in which the victim does nothing to defend himself and screams at the attacks of the alleged aggressor who slaps and punches the worker.

Information obtained by BNews states that the case is familiar, since the accused is the victim’s sister.

The report (from Bnews) contacted the Assaí advisory and also the Civil Police, since the case was registered in a Territorial Police Station and awaits clarification of the case. Bnews information.

In a note to Bahia Ligada, the press office of Assaí Atacadista in Bahia informed that it was a personal case among those involved, and the collaboration of the supermarket chain passes. The store also made itself available to the authorities to assist in the investigations.

See the full note:

“NOTE: The network clarifies that, as soon as the situation at the Cidade Baixa unit in Salvador was identified, on January 23, it requested the intervention of tenants to separate the fight. An internal investigation has already been initiated by the network and preliminary information indicates that it was a personal case among those involved. The Military Police were called and the store accompanied and ensured that the employee gave testimony safely at the police station. Subsequently, the employee was referred to medical care and is doing well. The store is available to the authorities to assist in investigations.”