Hi people!

Many of you must be missing me, right?

As I used to publish daily here on the site, I decided to make this publication to explain a little of my absence.

As many of you know (actually don’t know because I never made it public), I work on the Deep Gore Tube site as an official uploader only in my spare time. For me it’s like a hobby and lately I haven’t had much time left to do publications.

I work to support myself, I take care of the house, the children and all these daily chores are consuming all my time. On my days off I take off to rest and do other things outside of social media and the internet. I apologize for the decrease in posts, but whenever I have extra time I will come here to upload videos for you.

I cannot guarantee that this will happen with the same frequency as before, because due to the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) I worked in the Home Office regime. So I had more time! Now the vaccines were applied in a large part of the population and restrictions are decreasing. This mean that I went back to my face-to-face work and this leaves me with less free time.

Anyway, I felt the need to give a satisfaction to all of you who commented on the videos I’ve published so far. It’s not fair to leave you in a vacuum.

I’m making this publication just to give you a little explanation. To say I’m fine and the reason for my absence and decrease in my publications.

If you leave comments on this post, I may not even be able to answer them since I’m already going to bed, because I have to get up early tomorrow to work. So if you comment, don’t expect an answer from me for now. Maybe in the future.

For those of you who complained about videos posted by me in the past that are off, please know that I’ve already notified the admins and will fix it soon.

To everyone I talked to in the comments here on the site, I wish you all the best and great life and health. This is not a farewell but an explanation for why I am not posting daily.

That’s life, time goes, time comes, and things change.

I will soon be back with sporadic publications when I have free time.

That’s all for now… bye.