Alleged thief dying on the sidewalk after allegedly having committed a robbery.

July 28, 2021

Watch an alleged thief dying on the sidewalk after allegedly having committed a robbery. It happened in Brazil.

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these people who had no mercy upon him will also burn in hell. they are self righteous. it’s the fruit of the catholicism of their country. catholicism sends to hell. it was wrong what he did, but he did not deserve to be killed for it. and when he was dying.. a righteous soul would have told him the good news of christ.. who came to save thiefs just like this guy.. and he would have been saved. those condemning him are arrogant. christ came to save those who knew they were sinners and humbled themselves. he can’t save arrogant bastards.


Complete agreement with you. The Catholic hypocrites who sell forgiveness for cash, giving their priests the ‘power’ to grant forgiveness when we know that It can only be found through Christ; and who put Mary, mother of Jesus, above all others, when she was only a vessel; the Catholic organisation Is a money-making corporation which contradicts everything which they claim to protect and support. Jesus said hate the evil, not the person consumed by It – these evil people have obviously forgotten this, or fail to understand the concept In the first place. Forgiveness Is there for all (as long as the person accepts his wrongdoing and has genuine remorse In his heart). Of course, these are only my personal views – I’m not trying to impose my thoughts on to others.
I’m not a church goer – organised religion Is not important, It’s the content of our hearts that count – and as I’m sure you know, Jesus never said that we had to join an ‘organised religion’ to find truth and peace, because those things exist in all of us – but I do consider myself a protestant, and I believe that by doing good, we are paying respect to the creator of the Universe, whoever or whatever that might be; and I believe that Jesus was a peaceful man who tried to spread an understanding of true mercy, love and peace – whether we attach holiness to him or just see him as a ‘politician of peace’, he was a wonderful and beautiful person. What would Jesus have thought had he witnessed this brutal atrocity, done In his name? As Christ said, If every person spends his lifetime loving and helping others, then not a single person will ever be without help and succour. Good post, yoortel. Take care.

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