Let’s talk about violence in Brazil? What you all should know!

Let’s talk about violence in Brazil? What you all should know!

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Hey guys! This is my first post on this failed blog. I was invited by Tifa Winters to make some posts in her place, because she doesn’t like to write very long texts.

In this first post I will try to answer a question that many people ask me: how do the Brazilian people manage to live in an extremely violent country like that which is constantly the source of the most brutal gore videos on the web?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that I lived in Brazil for a period of 20 years and almost lost my ability to speak and write the English language correctly. That’s why my mistakes in English are constant. Even so, that period was enough – more than enough, in fact – to understand what life is like there.

The problem of violence is terrible, but ordinary people are not always victims of theft, robbery and stealing. Violence and crime are a minority, as well as violence and crime typical of large cities in rich countries, where people need to be careful when walking on the street and always be vigilant.

It is clear and obvious that in third world countries like Brazil, if you compare with the countries of the first world, the number of crimes is higher, but not so much as to prevent people from continuing with their lives. Even in the most dangerous areas, many people live their entire lives without ever being mugged. I am one of them, I never was robbed.

Brazil has a very peculiar culture, which is to emphasize or expose – even in the media – what is bad in the country. The good things, however, do not gain much visibility and this is unfortunately cultural. In a country with more than 200 million inhabitants, good things and bad things happen, but let’s say that these bad things are practically 0.05% of what happens in the country. By the proportion of 200 million inhabitants, if we make a quick count, there are still 100,000, which of course is a large number, but small in relation to the total. Let’s say 100,000 is the rotten part, so it’s practically a bad thing happening. If you expose in the media only this minority of bad things events will give the impression that good things do not happen, but in fact there are another 99.95% of good things happening, but that the media does not care, because culturally speaking in this country bad things – even if they are a minority – bad things end up getting to know the media attention almost all day.

The vast majority of victims of bloody videos that leak from Brazil on the internet are people who have some kind of connection to organized crime. Some of them are members who have betrayed their own criminal faction, or who have stolen their own criminal faction, or who have not followed the internal rules of the criminal faction, or who have switched to a rival criminal faction or who in some way have not acted according to what the criminal faction determines.

In the Favelas (shanty towns – slums), for example, criminal factions make the law and there, the people who live in the favela cannot carry out robberies inside or outside near or surroundings the favela. When a person decides to disobey this rule, for example, he suffers penalties from the criminal faction that dominates the area and that punishment usually results on those gore videos we all see.

Another thing is that criminals in Brazil have acquired the habit of filming their criminal acts, more precisely when they are going to punish members of rival factions or members of the criminal faction they disobeyed. As it became cultural among criminals to film the crime court in action and then show the video of criminal acts on the internet, especially in Brazil (because criminals in other countries do not have this culture) it gives the impression that gore only happens in Brazil, but in fact it happens in all countries of the world, but here the criminals didn’t get a taste for filming.

The idea that in Brazil you will walk on the street and a group of people will make you a gore victim is pure bullshit! Life in Brazil is good and the basic rule is: if you don’t want to be a gore victim – especially a victim of gore videos that shake the world in Brazil – it’s easy: just you never get involved with organized crime. Be a good person and never get involved in drug trafficking.

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That not only sheds light on the situation there but confirms what I’ve always speculated. Brazil is no more or less violent than any other country. The violence there is just more transparent due to the constant recording and release of the videos.

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