Bull tramples and crushes female bullfighter.

August 1, 2021

Watch the exact moment a bull tramples and crushes female bullfighter.

Animal Attack
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i will always feel bad for those bulls


A slaughter and butcher is different, butchers, like my grandpa and I, put the bulls down quickly, and not for fun. Not coming at you or anything


In slaughter houses it’s all about streamlining and simplifying the process, which unfortunately means that they just slit the cattles neck and move onto the next cow in seconds.

In their eyes why take the time to humanely dispatch the animal when you can make alot more profit with a dude and a knife.


Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I stand with the bull. They get speared by many people until they are exhausted. & then a spear is shoved in their brain. If they kill one of its attackers thats fair play. Also only halal & kosher meat are bled to death , the western atleast us regulates cattle slaughter with a cattle prong which is a metal gun piercing the brain in seconds knocking them out instantly & causing least amount of pain. Bt illegal factories are abound. State laws are also different for instance pigs are quite litterally squashed to death in a metal squasher & in mass. I will shed no tears for most meat eaters except those who have no other alternative.


My family buys from a local farm for this reason exactly. Factory farms see animals as items to be sold. Farmers, while still see the monetary value of the animals, usually form bonds with their animals too treating them like family until the time comes. I detest trophy hunting also

Dark Empath

Yay win for Bull!
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