Elderly cannot escape from the burning apartment and is burned alive.

October 5, 2021

Watch the exact moment an elderly cannot escape from the burning apartment and is burned alive.

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These apartments with security bars seem very popular, particularly in South America, and judging by the amount of videos we’ve seen of people burning to death whilst trapped behind them makes me ask – why the hell don’t they add a simple system that allows those on the inside to get out in such an emergency? In the UK we have ‘Health & Safety” laws to ensure those companies who fit such security measures can only do so if strict safety procedures are followed. Any security device such as these, or similar, have to be checked and passed as safe by the fire department and the local authority before being given a certificate of approval. Clearly, some governments prefer “cash incentives” rather than applying laws to protect the safety of its citizens. Shame on them.


lol, you already answered your own question, it’s South America.
Where many prisons are controlled by gangs & people in slums getting hacked to death by blades at rates which make even the British jealous.

I think the governments over there have bigger problems to deal with before enforcing any health and safety rules.


Thanks for your reply, Tam. I understand and appreciate
the points you’ve made. As you say, South and middle American prisons are ruled by the inmates – the “warders” are there just to prevent the prisoners from escaping and leave the prisoners to deal with their own internal problems. Such a scheme is pathetic – a lack of governmental funding is why such a situation exists. Can you imagine inmates in British prisons being beheaded and chopped to pieces? These people are coming to other European countries soon!


arguably one of the worst ways to go