This amazing video shows a giant bezoar being surgically removed from a patient’s belly. It’s amazing to know he carried this giant ball in his stomach for so long.

The size of this bezoar is unreal and is certainly one of the largest ever inside a human being. At least that I’m aware of. After all, I didn’t even know this thing existed.

NEWS: Giant bezoar being surgically removed from a patient’s belly.

In the video the faces of the doctors who did the surgery were got blur. This is to avoid any kind of recognition.

They filmed the removal of a giant bezoar from the belly of a patient who was sure to die of pain.

The most unusual part of the video is undoubtedly the size of the bezoar. It’s unimaginable that this was inside the belly of another human being.

Apparently the surgery was in Brazil, as the language spoken by doctors is Portuguese with a Brazilian accent.

For those who don’t know yet a bezoar is a mass often that may exists in the gastrointestinal system. Although of course it can occur elsewhere.

A pseudobezoar is an indigestible object intentionally into the digestive system.

There are several varieties of bezoar, some of which have inorganic constituents and others organic.

The term has modern (medical, scientific) and traditional usage.

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This video went viral on social media and does not have any kind of logo indicating the owner.

So I don’t know anything official about it. The video just went viral in Whatsapp groups with no apparent information, just the video.

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