Guys shoot man dead in the street with military AR until his head looks like meat chunks.

April 27, 2022

2 chads shoot a bastard until his head explodes open 🤡🤡😭😭🤡🤡🤡😭😭

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no such thing as consciousness, you could call a computer ‘conscious’ or an insect, its just are brain making us do things (which we do) which we think is consciousness but it isn’t, even 1 line of code is ‘conscious’ its just we can’t experience it. if an clone of yourself was to appear in front of you, its not like u would experience what your clone is feeling, so its not like your consciousness can travel to 2 people at once so it doesn’t exist. also its not like it lives in our bodies cause our cells constantly die etc.. people are just not very smart but that’s okay as long as they are happy it doesn’t really matter what is true or not because to them they don’t really care or subconsciously don’t want to know truth as it goes out of their comfort zone. by evolution we are designed to mimick role models which are mostly parents but can be peers, people on tv etc… so naturally if many people have believed in bullshit for a long time because of superstition or assuming/hoping they have better luck if they start praying etc… then it gets passed on to their children. also people are good it believing if things happen by coincidence, then its the cause, e.g. it u do a certain ritual and something good happens u will keep doing it most likely. obviously i am just making myself happy by writing this because i am a human. we always have reasons for doing everything, some are harder to find out, some are stupid, but they always exist because of biology. from the point of the big bang and before that when time likely didn’t exist, everything was predetermined unless quantum physics has ‘true’ randomness. our would is so insignificant and there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or evil, things just ‘are’. people are too ’emotional’ but obviously i need a certain emotional to write this so i am hypocrite, i wouldn’t mind dying but obviously its hard to do cause of biological and i don’t want to be in pain cause of biology, so i’ll continue watching random videos like these for now fdasiofjasdpf. yh so ty is anyone read this errrrrr yeahhhh. if u disagree then u disagree. if u agree then u agree. i wish i could find another person with similar view points to me e.g. a nihilist who just did whatever the fuck cause why not even though its all meaningless i am my brain so everything i do has a reason and certain emotions etc…. this basically goes on for infinity so thinking about determism is meaningless because there is nothing i can do about it but me thinking about determinism is determined so er… that goes on for infinity so basically right now i am existly and ill die and then yeah… im not a tryhard in real life because who really cares why tf are people to eager and tryhard in life when it all means nothing its kinda funny, i don’t care because it just ‘is’ so it doesn’t matter but yh. – human in a universe which is a complex form of nothing. i wish i could go into a black hole or something and just exist for eternity in nothingness where time relative to everything else basically doesn;t exist. also people who say what these murders did is bad and they should be punished are hypocrites because they are selfish because they care that their emotions tell them they are disgusted and hate the murderers so they want them to suffer to satisfy themselves, but the murderers just enjoy killing people, its not bad or good so you don’t need to hate them, just understand they exist and prevent them from killing you, after all it just happens they are the way they are so why don’t you accept that and move on, their biology combined with life experiences brought them to doing this which is all determined and ‘out of their control’ obviously they murdered but they would have always murdered just because they exist like that and its basically very complex causes causing effects which lead to this, blame the big bang, the universe, stuff like that but that is also meaningless but who cares, i am doing this because i am an emotional human but less emotional than u in lots of ways blah fdsjklagjfgldfkjb;k


That’s like… your opinion man.

Pretty sure Dr. Dean Radin has a different opinion except that his opinions are backed by scientific research which has been published in the most well respected journals and I’m not talking about “theoretical science”, he does experiments using lasers; interferometers; magnetometers etc. I respect all opinions but even more so if they’ve taken the time and made the effort to conduct experiments to validate their opinion/hypothesis and then published their work for peer review.

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i love you and what i said was tl dr


I don’t mind that. I read novels, most people these days don’t. People today want the 9 second version. I will say one more thing though – it is true that there is a bit of a “recursion” problem when it comes to defining and/or measuring consciousness. How do you measure the very thing you’re using to measure the thing which you’re using to measure the thing you’re using? We can’t really use consciousness to define or measure consciousness, but I guess that’s where science comes in.

There are limitations to human perception. If I can use the methods and tools of science in a way which prevents my awareness from interfering then I might be onto something. The problem is that even in quantum physics experiments in which we’re trying to determine the cause of particle/wave duality the very act of observation can alter the outcome of the experiment. When we’re observing the experiment – light acts like a particle; when not observing, it acts as a wave of probability. The same is true of all subatomic particles which makes me wonder if consciousness is fundamental to the fabric of reality.

Science has always assumed that the fabric of reality is composed of two threads, space and time. But maybe it’s composed of three threads – space time and consciousness. Just a hypothesis which I have no way of testing because I’m not even a scientist. I’m an actor and science fiction writer.


Consciousness is not a physical concept, but rather its a fact known by the conscious being, its both the awareness of and the experience of existing. Like austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein proposed in his book Tractus Logico-Philosophicus; “The world is the totality of facts, not of things.”, and I believe what he meant is that the observable universe is not objective and absolute, but rather is relative depending on the conscious being, the experience of existing (consciousness) of the latter is “the world” for him.


That’s a good way of putting it. I think consciousness is similar to light in the sense that light can act like a particle or a wave. Consciousness is not a physical thing and yet it is the root of causality in the physical world. Before I can move my hand it has to be a conscious thought, then an action. Before I can speak or type these words those words must exist within my consciousness as a probability. Without consciousness to observe the physical world, the physical world can’t exist – according to the work of Dr Dean Radin.

In his variation of the double slit experiment he had meditators place their thoughts within the double slit or imagine that they were inside of it observing but without any actual physical observation of the double slit (it was a completely sealed system); each time they did this it consistently caused the wave form to collapse. This means that consciousness can literally be detected (if not measured) by the double slit. The particles only act like particles when there is a conscious observer.

No observer = no particles. Which makes me wonder… who or what was observing during the first few milliseconds after the Big Bang? I’m not saying “god did it” but in order for all of that energy to convert to mass there had to be a conscious observer, according to these recent findings.

His experiment has been replicated in multiple independent laboratories and published in scientific journals like “Nature”.

It’s almost as if we are living in a video game in which the map is created as we move along inside of it.

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It is hard to define “conscious observer”, if we mean by conscious observer humans then the statement of the absence of observation when the human observer is not looking in the double-slit experiment would be false ,since in a variation of the experiment, scientists of the Weizmann institute used non-human detectors and the interference weakened propotionaly with the observer’s capacity to detect electrons, this means that the information alone being detected regardless of the detector’s nature can change the results of the experiment.


We can observe consciousness simply by being aware of our own thoughts and experience. Consciousness is that which contains your thoughts; experiences & memories. When humans observe things we like to give them names and the word “consciousness” only exists in order to describe something which each of us can observe.

There are also words which are simply made up in order to describe a concept which was made up by humans, like the word “God”. People invented the concept of “God” in order to control other people and then invented a word to describe this thing which nobody has ever observed. Even the word “Atheist” was invented to describe something which doesn’t exist. Atheism is the absence of a belief and shouldn’t even have a word to describe such non-existence. Claiming that Atheism is a belief is like claiming that not collecting stamps is a hobby. To me Atheism isn’t the believe that god doesn’t exist – that’s called “Anti-theism”.

I can’t observe god & therefore don’t have a belief regarding this thing I can’t observe. I don’t need to “believe” in the things which I can observe. I don’t need to believe in a ladder because I can observe it; I can touch it; feel it; climb it and gain a higher perspective. I feel the same way about consciousness. All that I have to do is observe my own thoughts; experiences & memories. Consciousness is the container of all human thought, experience, memories and knowledge.

Little bit different than my first answer but I wanted to address the nature of observation because without a conscious observer there is no observation.

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They didn’t “shoot man dead”. I’m pretty sure he was already dead before they even started filming.


his head just exploded lmao


What Country is this from?

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