Heart ripped out, still beating.

July 30, 2021

Heart ripped out, still beating.

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Oh, okay, excuses accepted.


eternal destruction to murderers. god says.


You’re way too oblivious and delusional of a fuckwit to even explicate things to you. That’s funny




So after going down a dark rabbit hole with these videos I had to sign up just to leave some comments.

I knew stuff like this happened in the world but I am appalled and the level of depravity. The vast majority of people arrested for murder here in the US is what I would define lacking control of themselves and their emotions who either get scares or mad and act impulsively, many around a personal relationship.

Makes sense these situations aren’t being recorded because they aren’t proud of it. These people are on a whole another level and it is disturbingly prevelent. What has stood out to me the most is:

1. The vast majority of dismemberments, tortures, and other horrific things are done in groups with the smallest being 3 people and the largest dozens of people. By contrast there are only a few recorded cases of serial predator killers working in groups and even Charles Manson could be argued to be war related because of his ideals.

2. Every single one of these group slaughters they are having a disturbing amount of fun and the majority display similar charcter traits. Speaking with the victim at length in a fairly normal emotionless way, attacking suddenly and usually as a group, taunting their victim and doing things to cause them as much fear and pain as possible. They purposely do things to prolong the victims life and dismemberments are usually done while the victim is fully conscious and aware, they continue violating the body after victim is dead so they are not just doing it because they have a “fear” getting like the Night Stalker.

2. Some are professional paid hitmen who I envisioned them more like military, willing to compromise their normal morals for money and prestige. I think almost all governments and and militaries are corrupt, take advantage of young and poor people who are misled (usually with religion or fake patriotism), but their motivation is usually power and greed.

3. I envisioned most of the hitment and drop lych type groups to have more in common with military just business attitude but I have yet to find one that it seemed like a dirty job. More like their having at a really fucked up frat party and having that is the pinicle of fun in their life. I find that to be the most disturbing aspect, even when there is well over a dozen people every one of them is like an excited animal that just got fresh meet and are clearly proud of themselves. The only one I can think of that didn’t fit that was the female cartel assassin doing the killing and dismemberment, it seemed like she put the least amount of effort in it, killed without extra torture and quickly dismemberd, more like someone chopping firewood.

It seems vast majority of the guys having the time of their life come from a handful of countries which I would describe as impoverished, old cultures that have not changed much in hundreds of years still tribal/wolf pack, have neverending war and religious unrest with their their own people and close neighbors, most other cultures war and unrest was with foreign adversaries or arrogant empires invading to steal land and resources from people they viewed as inferior. To accomplish that they had a more organized and fairly stable society. Most of the time they were invading and stealing from cultures similar to these idiots which they easily manipulate and stoke more unrest playing both sides to their advantage which you still see today in Africa, the Middle East, and South America. The main difference is now it’s global corporations running the show instead of kings so they don’t have to worry about those pesky flags and religious issues which is handled by their employees the politicians.

I would love to see data gathered and research done on these cultures what percent of the people have no morals compared with the number that are living under them in fear and slavery. Take that data going all the way back compare it to their history of distastes, being enslaved, history of mass illness and disease and any other measurable suffering and missery.

My theory is they actually created their own problems by refusing to learn from mistakes so they never progressed. Eventually this led to every bully Empire in the world taking advantage of them and instead of uniting for their people for the common good these assholes you see in these videos sold out their own people and home often working as insurgents, allowing the empires to infiltrate their government and steal their resources and ultimately elslaving their own people to whoever showed up. Since no one but these guys had an opportunity to gain wealth. This led to a perpetually ignorant and disfunctional society that didn’t even bother to integrate their invaders higher standard of living and infrastructure or manufacturing. Instead anytime they wanted a shiney new thing they became like kids with mommies credit cards. Living in isolated communities relying on their captors to meet their needs while their population works as slaves. This is what we know as the Humanitarian Aid countries and one of my parents good friends was a diplomat in charge of meeting with governments and making arrangements. He quickly resigned after noticing their leaders stole all the good stuff for themselves and several times he witnessed them dumping the rest in the ocean instead of giving it to their people.

These are the people we call gangs, drug cartels, terrorists, genociders, etc. We all live under corrupt governments obsessed with power and control and like their backyard peaceful so they can get peace an quiet on their yacht. But they don’t mind taking advantage of the situation in these places and will fight with whatever side benefits them. Since it ends up being jets, missiles, and satellites verses some guys living like it was 1000 years ago whoever sucks off what is basically the aliens from the future wins and somehow every time we leave these guys end up with some of that alien tech which they use abuse their people even more because they are so warped they actually enjoy making their people suffer they would rather burn their own stuff than give their people modern technology like clean running water, decent roads and a stable grid. They will have superspeed internet from Elon Musk satellites before their captors give them water.

The people running the ship have chosen to build 70,000 nukes and enough tanks and weapons to destroy the entire planet hundreds of times and imagine a world where someone like this eventually gets their hands on one.



I’ll comment just so I don’t understand that you wrote everything in vain, but you wrote so much, my God!

I understand that each country has its own characteristics, culture, people, specific problems and different needs.

It is clear that in the United States, which is a rich and first world country, the reasons that lead people to commit crimes are not the same as those that lead them to commit crimes in some country in Africa, for example. In the United States, due to the country’s financial and population situation (cultural level, study and the like), the reasons are more “passionate”, let’s say, in African countries the reason is because the person has a headset on their cell phone, and another does not.

In the United States, people have access to wealth, and in poor countries they don’t. The law and the entire court system in the United States work, but not in poor countries. This means that there are far more criminals in poor countries than in rich ones. There is no comparison! It’s impossible to compare the two.

You need to separate “good citizens” from “criminals”. The people who appear committing these crimes in the videos are mostly “criminals” and work for violent “criminal factions”.

These “criminals” who “execute victims like that”, even within the criminal faction, are not all of them! They are just the “most violent criminals”. They are considered “highly dangerous criminals” who commit “heinous crimes with a high level of violence”. The vast majority of them lack “empathy” and live in the criminal world, often from an early age. So they are that kind of person. They don’t have a good “parents’ upbringing”. If you take a baby and teach it to be bad from an early age, it will be that way when it grows up.

Many of them are sociopaths, psychopaths and without any kind of recovery. They are only alive because the country in which they live does not have the death penalty.

I wonder what  Millerman1963 would have to say about your comment.

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