Man being beaten and almost lynched to death in Brazil.

July 30, 2021

Watch a man being beaten and almost lynched to death in Brazil. We still don’t know the reasons for such violence.

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Thank you tifa winters; you are an extraordinary uploader, I appreciate your devotion and passion to this site, you make it feel like home. I sent a contact request if you are interested in conversation on off/time


Not to be weird in anyway,, just intrigued. Can you supply us in the further future an autobiography about yourself tifa winters.
This seems to be the best chat log to use since I can’t find a personal dm…


I hope you succeed tifa; I believe you can overcome and survive any hardships both current and in the future. You have a real bright perspective, and I believe you will do good. We all can relate to being a soulless extension of our previous selves, what ever hurt you I hope you can move forward and strive for a better life we all want the best for you….

As you mentioned in message #2 we need to keep this on topic and professional – yes mam. I understand you aren’t about chit-chat since deep gore tube is you’re part time employment; with these being your wishes i hope to further our friendship in the future.
Take care alright. Treat yourself better then you have. You seem distant/stressed out. Take it easy friend…

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