Man being brutally beheaded by a cartel in Mexico.

April 9, 2021 6542 Views

Watch a man being brutally beheaded by a cartel in Mexico.

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these killers are so stupid. they don’t think that god sees them doing this, but he does. and he will pay them back for what they have done.
and god won’t be like.. ‘ok.. i’m going to cut your head off too.. give you a little pain.. temporary.. like less than 2 minutes of pain.. even less than a minute.. because you’ll lose consciousness soon.. before i sever your whole head.’
no. god will be like.. ‘ok.. you lived a life of sin.. now you’re dead.. and you go to hell.. and then when the second resurrection comes.. i resurrect you and put you into a lake of fire and brimstone.. where you will burn and scream in agony and torment forever and ever.’
that’s why it’s so important to repent of our sins asap and follow and obey and trust in the lord jesus.
read the bible.
it’s the word of god. it’s the only holy book there is. all other ‘holy’ books are fakes.


Okay, Bible thumper.


This might be the only cartel video not recorded on a potato. It’s at least 720p lol.