Man being dismembered and having an open belly alive very gruesome!

October 28, 2020

Watch a man being dismembered and having an open belly alive very gruesome!

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These subhuman scumbags are unbelievable, way down the evolutionary scale, how can they commit such terrible crimes? How many of these sicko’s are emigrating to Western countries?


As many as democrats can allow.




Russians doing that to Ukrainians right now so keep that same energy about white pasty faced twats


May they rot in Hell forever


I like how its easy to tell that they wanted to find the heart but cut the wrong side and legit were humiliated on video.  😆 


I always imagine what the person was thinking and feeling when I watch these videos & I must say this has become my phobia. To be slowly dismembered and then have your throat slit and then cut down the middle through your ribs chest plate everything… This exact thing seems to happen to a lot of people and they stay conscious & alive for awhile… People say they go into shock & you stop feeling it and I don’t believe that. He screamed when they were breaking the bone on his arm not the skin and then if you look at his eyes when they start going down the middle of his chest his eyes get bigger… Could u imagine going through this? 2ndly I know a lot of you think you could do this but 99% of y’all are sheltered people that probably grew up privileged bit think your desensitized because you like videos like this but have never seen or witnessed somebody dying brutally in any way in real life… It’s a whole different thing you couldn’t even imagine. I grew up I’m the hood and my state has really high violence & murder rates… Watching online & in person is way different. Imagine the type of person it takes to do this and laugh?? That’s crazy AF & scary.


I was wondering the same thing


There is nothing to like about these videos nor acts. To “like” it is nothing but a lie


Is he on drugs or why does He Not scream or speak??

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