Man is chased and stabbed to death in broad daylight in Brazil.

June 9, 2021 4531 Views

Watch the exact moment a man is chased and stabbed to death in broad daylight in Brazil.

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I imagine that’s how it would feel to be running from Jason or Michael Myers. (Kind of sorta…..)


too many of these people that die.. not all of them by any means.. but too many.. assume that the perpetrator will not kill them.. will have mercy on them.. might hurt them some but won’t do them in. no.
god is the one who has mercy. he won’t necessarily save you from physical death.. but from hell he will save you. physical death here is once. the lake of fire is eternal death.. the second death.. forever in a resurrected body that can never die.. but will be tormented forever and ever.
so what do you think is worse?
well.. that’s obvious.
god is god.
david was given a choice of three punishments.. he chose a certain one.. and said.. let me not fall into the hands of men.. let me fall into the hands of god.. for with god there is mercy. look it up in the bible. type in words such as i typed and you’ll find it.
nevertheless.. unless you accept christ before you die.. you’ll go to hell and then the lake of fire.
there is no purgatory. don’t believe the catholic church. believe the bible. it’s the word of god.


people have to understand that stopping the person with the weapon.. even if your hands or arms get cut and sliced and torn and bloodied in the process.. is better than not tyring to stop the person and letting them slice and cut up your innards. you do what you can. you don’t assume they are not going to do everything they can to kill you.
but who knows? maybe this guy was high or a little drunk or something.
maybe not.


Latin American are all animals jajaja


Not all but we can sadly see that 1/4 of them are criminals or dumb. The education system there is just bad.