Person burned alive when lighting giant torch.

July 18, 2021

Watch a person burned alive when lighting giant torch.

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(Warning – boring info dead ahead!) This Is from an “11th night” celebration bonfire In Northern Ireland, organised in July each year by Protestants to commemorate ‘The Glorious Revolution’ of 1688; the victory of William of Orange and his armies over the Catholic James II and his supporters and which began the Protestant ascendancy in Ireland. (End of boring information)……in the highly unlikely event that anyone wondered what such a huge fucking bonfire was all about!

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Thanks, Tifa! If one person is happy, then it’s worth it! (I’d have responded earlier but have been away a while due to ongoing illness).


All that manpower and no one thinks to have fire extinguishers on hand….. BRAVO…..


That’s a valid point Kirk, but considering the shortness of the video and the distance away from the accident, how can we know whether or not there were fire extinguishers? I’m sure there would have been, and after all, we can’t expect one to be in the exact right place at the exact right time, however many extinguishers there might have been. Even in “Firetraps” like Supermarkets and Nightclubs, we don’t see many.

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