Very difficult operation to remove something from inside his butt.

February 5, 2021 5698 Views

Watch a very difficult operation to remove something from inside his butt.

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It’s a giant buttplug


HaHa! Yeah sixes, can you imagine how enthusiastically he and his pal must have been going at it to get that f*****g think up his backdoor? How that dark cave could ever get anywhere near to normal size after such ‘close attention’ is a mystery to me as I’m sure it is to you and most other people. Actually, I’m becoming a little worried…..I can’t help but find myself occasionally thinking that It may be interesting to see some explanatory video or talk relating to HOW THE HELL THEY GOT THAT THING UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!
* (My Doctors Diagnosis – Radical mental therapy urgently required)!

See you later, sixes!

Steve (millerman1963)


He’s giving birth! He’s giving birth to whatever it is within that cavernous rectum, (which, incidentally, must make a great echo-chamber!) …..Anyway, back to the birth – ” 7 Centimetres, 8 centimetres – we can see the head, he’s crowning”.
“It’s a boy/girl/either/both/other/something/animal/vegetable/mineral”?!