Woman beheading a duck in the greatest cruelty and for no reason.

April 19, 2021 6682 Views

Watch a woman beheading a duck in the greatest cruelty and for no reason. Oh, sorry, I do not know if that thing is a duck or any other bird. One question: why is she doing that?

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Increíble. It was for a reason ig, so we all can see this here and be happier.


I know you’re likely young and just acting edgy because you want to look cool in front of us. I did the same when I was around 13-15. It just makes people annoyed.
There’s nothing wrong with being edgy but if you overdo it you just come off as cringey.
Take this as advice not as an insult, it will help you in the future.


I like you.


I’m acting all edgy because i like the art of edge and being that way, and cause i enjoy watching others suffer, endure, and die, subpar animals in particular. I just genuinely love it. I don’t really care what others think of me i make comments like this whenever i feel like it. And i did very much enjoy seeing that duck getting bodied, so i made a comment about it. I am not even a minor either

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I’ve seen some of these, I believe it’s called stomping? I’ve seen it done with all kinds of animals. Bugs, cats, dogs and even a bunny.
I don’t quite understand it but it’s a foot fetish thing that is normally combined with a woman crushing animals to death with her feet. This is the first time I’ve seen it done with a knife. It’s usually bare feet or high heels.

Tl:dr: It’s a fetish.

Edit: It’s apparently called “Crush fetish”

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Dear god.


Dear god. ²


Lovely feet.


Well it looks like dinner will be served soon! Just pull the feathers and gut it then add some seasoning and butter then fry.