Woman brutally beaten as punishment for drinking and beating her mother.

January 6, 2021 17557 Views

Watch a woman brutally beaten as punishment for drinking and beating her mother in Brazil due to favela’s law.

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Renato laranja

Kinda funny listening to it. Guy in red seems to stop and be going kinda light and the camera man eggs him on going “come on bro, you already tired?”. Seems kinda harsh but I don’t think we would be thinking that if we saw her beating up her mom. Must have beat her up pretty bad for the village to get involved. This seems better than the bureaucracy of most legal systems.


Better than the legal system? They are doing justice with their own hands and that is wrong in any country in the world.

Triple Forces

My girlfriend recently beat up her younger female cousin after hearing how her cousin beat up her elderly mom. So this is necessary- women need to have physical consequences for their actions. They actually went really soft on her in comparison to other things I’ve seen on these sites such as women being decapitated and stabbed to death. She should be thanking God they didn’t kill her


She was very lucky, because they usually kill without mercy when the time comes.


one of the most brutal ones, if we’re talking about the wooden sticks beatings


Geez, take a bath