Brutal cartel beheading and dismemberment.

June 8, 2021 11612 Views

Watch a brutal cartel beheading and dismemberment.

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it’s really amazing that these people think they will be ok. that they think that there is not a god who will judge them. it’s really amazing. but it goes to the book of jeremiah.. 17:9.. where it says that the heart is deceitful above all things. these people’s hearts are deceived by satan. they are headed to the lake of fire.. and to the lake of fire they will go. they will be resurrected and be thrown into the lake of fire to burn forever. whatever their belief structure is here.. that there is no god.. that they are on his side.. whatever.. it’s messed up. and they will know reality when they die. god is holy. god is just. having your head cut off is nothing compared to burning in a lake of fire and brimstone forever and ever as a damned soul with no social life, no love, no peace, no happiness.. ever.. under the flaming wrath of almighty god.. who knows how to mete out punishment exactly and perfectly. you don’t know him. you are separated from him. you are damned. you disobeyed him and squandered your only chance of being right with the god who made you and who is good and holy.. but who will not let sin go. jesus paid for your sin.. but you rejected his offer of salvation. separation from god. separation from all that is good.. forever and ever. that’s FOREVER. there is no getting out of hell and the lake of fire.
as has been said in some literature.. by dante..
regarding hell..
‘abandon all hope ye who enter here.’


so you don’t think they think they will be ok? what do you mean? my point was that they think they will be ok. i.e. they won’t be judged. but you seem to saying that they think they will be judged. but then you say they don’t believe in god. so how will they not be ok?


Are you kidding? Mexicans are a very religious people. The cartels probably think they have God on their side.