Frequently asked questions about uploading videos on the Deep Gore Tube website.

After you’ve read our entire Privacy Policy, it’s time to clarify some doubts about the site’s video uploading and sharing system.

About Us

Deep Gore Tube is an online video sharing website and video social network where registered users from all over the world can share explicit (uncensored news), bizarre, shocking and extreme graphic video content for free. Yes, it is a gore site!

After you register on the Deep Gore Tube website and logging in to the system, you will be able to upload videos and submit them for evaluation and publication on the portal. After that, you can share the video link for anyone to watch it online.

Looking at it this way, the Deep Gore Tube website works like a video sharing platform. The use of the Deep Gore Tube website costs no money and is not charged, although donations are appreciated.

Video files can be uploaded and submitted through your personal area (panel). You must be logged in to access this area on your profile page. There you can upload a video and submit it to the site. The maximum video file size you can upload is 1 GB per video.

The videos will be saved in the order you upload them and will be published on the homepage of the site. From then on, your video will become public, visible and all members and users of the site, and Internet users, will be able to watch it if they have the video link.


How long will my videos be stored?

User-submitted videos can be removed and deleted at any time, for any reason, according to our interests. At any time our server can go down and all data can be lost or removed, so you should only upload videos that are not important to you or that you have a backup copy on your hard drive. By no means should you rely on our system to keep your videos online as a backup system, as that is not our purpose with the site.

We reserve the right to delete your video at any time after your upload is complete. Furthermore, once uploaded, there is no guarantee that your video will be approved and published on the portal. It is at our sole discretion to publish or not, accept or not, your video on our website, as described in our Privacy Policy. Additionally, we reserve the right to change/rewrite the titles and descriptions of the video you submit if you have not done so in accordance with our policies and terms. Furthermore, we reserve the right to better categorize the video according to the displayed content, in case you have incorrectly categorized the video at the time of upload.

Does the Deep Gore Tube website cost any money?

No! The use of the Deep Gore Tube website is completely free. Although there are advertisements on the video pages, they do not generate enough revenue to pay for the maintenance of the site.

Do I need to register/create an account to use the site?

Not if you don’t want to. You are free to use the Deep Gore Tube website completely anonymously. However, without having an active and verified account, you will not be able to upload videos and submit them for approval and possible publication on the portal, nor make comments.

What cookies does the Deep Gore Tube website use?

When logging into a Deep Gore Tube website account, a cookie named “wordpress_[hash]” will be installed. After that, “wordpress_logged_in_in_[hash]” is installed and keeps your login session active. By deleting it, you will be logged out of your account. In addition, the “wp-settings-{time}-[UID]” cookie is also installed to determine your user ID in the database.


Remember that any illegal content uploaded, such as Child Pornography, will be reported to the authorities along with the offender’s (user/member/uploader) registration data and IP address.

Abuse and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is a crime! Report it, as we will report you if you try to use our system to propagate any kind of illegal content.

We cannot be held responsible for any illegal and/or copyrighted material uploaded by users/members of this site. We will act against them and maintain 24/7 surveillance to verify that users are acting in accordance with the law.

Videos uploaded to this site are subject to local laws. If laws are being violated and we are notified of the fact, we will have to delete the offending content and report the user.

If you find any video on this domain that violates the law, please contact us at [email protected] and we will take care of it.

Upload videos and share them responsibly and wisely.