We came across this post to make a plea for help. Yes, we need your help!

As everyone knows, gore sites will always have a big enemy in front of them. This particular enemy is undoubtedly operating costs.

The idea behind the Deep Gore Tube website is to create a great online video site/community in the best video tube style with content 100% dedicated to uncensored news, user generated content and freedom of expression.

Keeping a high-traffic website alive and online requires spending a lot of money on a server, hosting, CDN, and professionals to keep everything running. In addition to operational costs (which we call the enemy), there is also another enemy that any gore site must fight: the monetization! Yes, unfortunately no monetization company likes to monetize gore sites due to extremely graphic content. This problem causes the vast majority of new gore sites to go bankrupt or close early.

As you may have noticed, the Deep Gore Tube website has some advertising banners, but the revenue generated by them is not enough to pay for everything, so we came here to ask any user who can make a donation to help us grow. Any amount is welcome and will be used exclusively to fund the maintenance of the site. Donations can be made of any amount via cryptocurrency.

Below are the addresses for those who want to donate and help us grow. Only two cryptocurrencies so far:

Key: bc1q8hdkcmntagmq0f8lp6fgvj83dslfwz44hhlq8l
Minimum quantity: 0.0005 BTC

Key: 0x1992a3fb3a482fb1adce16a7adac4f3c220972ef
Minimum quantity: 0,01 ETH