Make a donation and help us grow!

Make a donation and help us grow!

July 16, 2021

Hello people, how are you?

Many of you already know me, but I’ll introduce myself! My name is Tifa Winters and I am one of the most active uploaders here on the Deep Gore Tube website.

Besides me there are Kat News, who is one of the uploaders, and Zombie Mob, who is the master admin and owner of the site.

I come across this post to make a request for help. As you all know, gore sites will always have a main enemy ahead. This enemy is undoubtedly operating costs. To maintain a high traffic website online it is necessary to spend a lot of money on server, hosting, CDN and programmers to keep everything running. Besides the “operating cost” enemy, there is also another enemy against any gore site, and this enemy is called “monetization”. No monetization company likes to monetize gore sites due to extreme content, which drives the vast majority of new gore sites to bankruptcy or early shutdown.

So, it was asked by Zombie Mob that I come to you through this post to explain our plans for the future and request a cash help to continue our operations.

As you can already see, Deep Gore Tube website does not have ad banners and all operating costs are out of our pocket. I know many of you are having trouble uploading videos via mobile phone and that doesn’t help us grow either.

The idea behind the Deep Gore Tube site is to create a great online video site in the best style of Youtube, DailyMotion and others out there, but with 100% focused content on uncensored news and freedom of expression, with generated content per user. In addition, coupled with this site, we also want to create a complete social network that allows you to create cool videos (of the most varied subjects) and sell them to your followers through the site. Yes, it is very ambitious, but it is possible!

In order to achieve this goal we need to purchase an extremely expensive but completely professional script specially developed for “Online Video Portal + Social Network”. The problem is that it is expensive. Adding its value to the costs of servers and technicians to work on the site, we calculate a value of $1,500 per month. We cannot afford this cost alone and so we ask for your help. At this first moment, in order to be able to acquire the script and move to a more robust server that meets all our needs, we need exactly this initial value.

Therefore, the site administrator asked us to provide a way for you, users and visitors to the site who love uncensored news and freedom of expression, to help us with donations.

Donations can be made of any amount via cryptocurrency. That way you wouldn’t even need to give money itself, you just need to mine cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time (one week) and donate it to us. A week that each of you mine is already good, as the initial cost is low, we only need $1,500 at first.

Below are the addresses for those who want to donate and help us grow. Only two cryptocurrencies so far:


Key: bc1q8hdkcmntagmq0f8lp6fgvj83dslfwz44hhlq8l
Minimum quantity: 0.0005 BTC


Key: 0x1992a3fb3a482fb1adce16a7adac4f3c220972ef
Minimum quantity: 0,01 ETH

Make a donation and help us grow! Please, we need your help to continue our work on the Deep Gore Tube website, the best gore website like online.

Well, whoever is willing to help us with donations, these are the addresses key.

We are extremely grateful.

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If I had the money, I would. But I unfortunately don’t, sorry


I’m in the same situation as of this moment. It’ll take alot of devoted members like you said, I really want this to work out for all of us; ill donate when I can thank you all.


I also want to make it crystal fucking clear I have never donated any money to anything. But I support this fully.


How to donate with card or online. Crypto im nt confident or dont knw how as i dont live in developed countries.


I hope I understand how to use bitcoin payment. all I know is PayPal. I understand the concern about anonymity here


If ya’ll would add paypal I would love do donate some money.

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