Evil woman reserves her little place in hell by practicing cruelty to animals.

October 2, 2021

Watch the moment an evil woman reserves her little place in hell by practicing cruelty to animals.

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totally evil. evil that a person filmed it too and didn’t stop it. but was it a kid? did the person know they couldn’t do anything anyway? i don’t know.
the reality is that there are far more evil things going on in this world that are not filmed than that are filmed.
think about that for a moment.
this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, as they say.
still.. jesus christ is lord.. and everyone will be judged upon death. hebrews 9:27.
so obey jesus NOW. DON’T PUT IT OFF!!!
because.. you don’t have to chop the paw off of a dog to go to hell. all you have to do is not obey the bible when it says to repent of your sins and trust in jesus christ for your salvation and follow him.
i say this as a friend.
and who knows? maybe this video has come up here.. and i have watched it.. so that i would say this.. so that you would hear it.. and so that you would be saved..


I would’ve started beating the living fuck out of that asshole.




Oh, no! I’ve seen some amazingly terrible things here on Deep Gore, but this wanton and vile cruelty to a poor, shackled animal has shocked me as much as any inhuman act I’ve seen. Judging by the whimpering terror that poor dog was showing makes me think that she’d already put the poor thing through beatings and torture. SENTENCE – Strip her naked, tie her to a post, cover her In dog-food and let a pack of very hungry dogs teach her a lesson. DISGUSTING BITCH!


hey google, how to find some ones home address via video.


Fuck that women I hope she gets her hand cut off too


I doubt the devil would even want to take her, bitch.