Man being dismembered alive completely by cartel.

April 4, 2021

Watch a man being dismembered alive completely by cartel in Mexico. The video went viral on social media. It depicts brutal cartel execution and it is very strong, violent and graphic.

NEWS: Man dismembered alive by cartel in Mexico.

This video went viral on social media. It depicts a brutal cartel execution allegedly carried out by members of a cartel in Mexico.

It was not possible to find any official news and information about this specific case on the main news portals or media outlets. I only found the video on social media.

So if any of you know anything about the case and want to share it with us, post it in the comments because the main purpose is to clarify what happened because I know nothing.

And the primary objective of this gore website is to report terrible and real events happening around the world.

Other gore videos like this exist on this site and they also show how the Mexican drug cartel are violent.

Below is link to one of the most shocking cartel video gore posted on this gore website.

In this video it is possible to see the brutal execution of a woman. The woman dismembered alive by cartel while screaming in pain is one of the most shocking:

Woman dismembered alive while screaming in pain

It is a fact that dismembered woman videos, by the way, are some of the execution videos that most constantly go viral on social media.

Another equally shocking video shows a man being dismembered alive and, while screaming in pain, he is hit in the face with his own freshly ripped off leg:

Man being dismembered alive and while screaming in pain he is hit in the face with his own freshly ripped off leg

They are extremely strong and shocking. Don’t watch them if you are weak to these type of things.

I advise viewer description as they are really graphic and shocking videos.

Man being dismembered alive completely by cartel Photo 0001 Video Thumb
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Uncivilised, Barbarian, Sub-human Scumbags. This behaviour just ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll.


Are you seriously comparing this to soldiers fighting for their cause or country? The last I heard, soldiers use guns, tanks, artillery, bombs and Aircraft – they don’t go around chopping people to bits for fun. I can’t believe an intelligent person like yourself can make such crass remarks. As for suggesting that those called up to enlist are told to chop civilians to bits, like in the video, I’m speechless. Which nations call-up soldiers and tell them to go and dismember the enemy in a cruel and barbaric fashion? Soldiers of any of the 30 NATO countries, at least, would be court-martialled and summarily shot for far lesser acts than this. How could murdering and torturing innocents because of drugs ever be the same as soldiers fighting for ‘king and country’, so to speak? Were allied soldiers ‘evil murderers’ for fighting the Nazi’s In WW2, even though hardly any wished to become soldiers In the first place? I don’t recall any Nazi’s being dismembered. My father fought In the Korean war and my maternal grandfather was killed In Belgium during the allied advance In December 1944. They were accountant and coal-miner respectively, neither chose to go to war and I can assure you that they neither of them did, nor experienced, anything like the above; indeed, hand-to-hand combat Is a rarity In modern warfare, the belligerents hardly ever come face-to-face. You insult the millions of ordinary people forced to sacrifice their lives as well as the families that mourned them, like mine, by suggesting they could even be capable of such depraved acts. I’ve never heard such ludicrous and puerile nonsense in my entire 57 years. I’m angered, hurt, shocked and disappointed with your comparison.

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