Negligent discharge leaves on dead man.

August 25, 2021

A black woman accidentally shoots another man in the head!

Shame on her.

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i can’t believe stuff like this happens.


That was no accident


Not only was the safety turned off, but the woman also loaded a round into the chamber, pointed it at someone and still put her finger around the trigger.

Bitch broke my Dumbass-o-meter
Will need to buy a new one now.


The gun looks like it could be a Glock. If so, there wouldn’t be a safety. Yet and still, I dont understand how a round could be chambered when she pulled the slide back if there was no magazine inserted.


Forgot Glocks don’t have safety.

In that case, what must’ve happened is that they didn’t clear the chamber after removing the mag.
The woman, thinking it’ll be funny to pretend to shoot the guy, pulled the slide back but not properly so the round never ejected and then shot the guy.

I don’t know if you need to pull the slide all the way back on a Glock to compress the springs properly but if you do that means the woman was handed a loaded gun with the firing pin already set.

Thinking about it, if she pulled the slide back properly, she could’ve saved the dudes life.

Or perhaps we’re overthinking it here, the dude in the back might’ve been wrong & the Glock did just have a mag in it.

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This is why idiots that don’t know how to handle a firearm shouldn’t have them. Damn idiots, man. Strong lack of common sense & discipline in this video. Fucking hate the sound of this hoodrat’s voice, acting like the gun is some toy. Another life wasted and at what cost?

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