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(Auto translated from Russian. Link to the escort/prostitution agency where she had her profile is given below)

St. Petersburg. A 41 year old former elite private high school biology teacher turned MILF hanged herself in her apartment. On her page it was indicated that she offers her services only to clients not older than 24 years old. And that her favorite specialty is anal sex.

She began working as an escort at age 35, after (according to her female “escort business friend” to whom she had admitted it) she had sex with a 17 year old student of wealthy parents at her private school, who offered to have her anally for a good monetary reward. And that it was for her the most exciting sex in her life. After that she had also anal sex with another student of wealthy parents from her school.

But she understood that doing this while also working as a teacher at school, and with her own students, could lead to serious legal consequences for her. And so decided to quit school and get a job making money as a call girl MILF, specifically for young people. In order to satisfy her newly discovered passion of anal sex from teenagers.

But after almost 6 years of doing it, the authorities have began considering initiation of a case against her for sex relations with a minor (person under 16 years old).

It became known that teenagers of wealthy parents were ordering her to private parties for a group “entertainment”. Where according to her conditions, any other type of sex was fine, but anal sex with her was a requirement. And everyone must not be over 19 years old. She also always demanded to see photos of everyone beforehand, to see whom she likes and who shall not be there. At these private sex parties where she came to, she simply asked in advance if everyone would be at least 16. She seems to draw the line there so not to break the law. But at the same time just accepting their word that they at least 16.

She only chose those who had very slender bodies and a cute “boy-feminine” face. Later it became known that there was at least one time, where a teenager who had sex with her was 15. And therefore a minor (he did however admit that he lied to her about his age, since he wanted her very badly). But still technically it was a case of sex with a minor.

She was ordered primarily by students of rich parents from her former private school or their likewise spoiled teenage friends, who also had money for such “entertainment”. The rumor went among them that there is such a sweet MILF candy with great body, who specifically wants youngsters and not only allows, but wants anal. Creating a good base of regular clients for her.

It also seems that her profile at the prostitution agency was the one through which she met young people for sex the least. Since there were cases when she was called and if the guy said that he was 24 or even 20, that is still not older than 24 as she had indicated, then she still refused. And came only when they said that they were not older than 19 (from her internet profile clients she had always demanded to see their passports, to verify their age and that they are at least 16).

Highly likely that after the first time at 35 with a school student, she had some kind of shift in her brain and orgasm on this topic and the woman started to fulfill this new sex fetish in full. Only this now seems to give her a strong sexual high, that demanded satisfaction. Very slender, cutie-feminine face boy, not older than 19 and besides whatever other sex may be, always start with anal with her.

Her suicide was therefore very likely related to the criminal investigation against her. Where her name, face and all her passion would be in full public view. But with the death of a potential accused, in this case, there is almost a guarantee that the process will not go any further (and the wealthy parents of her young clients definitely do not need this either and never wanted this attention to their spoiled children in the first place). So highly likely in order not to go through all this publicity exposing her, she just chose the noose.

Presented are some of her pictures (she had a lot of them and she always hid her face) taken and posted on her page. All when she was 41. The last year/months of her life. She used Lada.Anal as her escort name. She hanged herself on 1st October 2022.

Here is the web page where she offered her services: https://prostytkuvspb.com/