4-year-old boy runs after his mother on the road and they are both run over by a motorcycle in Brazil.

April 12, 2021 4041 Views

Watch the exact moment a 4-year-old boy runs after his mother on the road and they are both run over by a motorcycle in Brazil. The mother died and the boy is in critical conditions.


4-year-old boy runs after a mother on the road and they are both run over by a motorcycle in the Federal District; woman died

Accident occurred this Sunday morning (11), on the East road, in Ceilandia. Motorcyclist remained in place and had no injuries; child was taken to hospital.

Images recorded by security cameras show the moment when a 21-year-old girl and her 4-year-old son were run over by a motorcycle (see above). The accident occurred this Sunday morning (11), on the East Road, in Ceilandia. The woman did not resist the injuries and died on the spot, the child was sent to the Regional Hospital of Ceilândia (HRC).

The images are strong. The video shows that the woman crossed the street and the son went after her. Upon realizing that the child was in the middle of the avenue, the mother ran to save the boy. At that moment, both were hit by the bike.

According to the Fire Department, the 29-year-old motorcyclist was not injured and remained on the scene after the accident. The child was taken to HRC by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu). The state of health was not disclosed.

The boy’s mother, on the other hand, suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and died on the spot. The traffic was under the care of the Traffic Department of the DF (Detran-DF). The Civil Police was also called in to carry out an investigation.

In all, four cars and a firefighter aircraft, in addition to 20 military personnel, participated in the rescue operation.

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I.. hope she felt pain before deceasing.


Hello! Could you tell me if the video takes too long to load / buffer for you? Especially the longest ones, like this one?

Are the videos slow?


Hey Kat, you’re amongst the best uploaders ’round here! However i am not having any problems with the uploads on our site. The buffering and loading times are definitely acceptable i am fine with it, it’s not slow in the slightest. I am more concerned for the corrupted videos that wouldn’t work for me at all


I am very happy to read this. I have been working with the website owner to improve the platform. Tifa is responsible for uploading the videos and I also upload some, but the speed of the video server I don’t like very much, so I decided to ask. You are one of the visitors who posted the most comments.
I thought the load/buffer speed of the videos was slow, but as it is working fine for you, I think it is working fine to others too. The loading speed of the videos is something that was bothering me and I thought you were not able to watch due to the slowness.
With regard to corrupted videos, we are gradually correcting them. Some of them have already been fixed, but others have not. The videos that are not working well – most of them – are videos that have been embedded from other sites and are not being hosted on our server. Now we are passing all the videos to our server, but it will take a while to fix all the corrupted videos, but we are already fixing it.
Thank you for taking the time to answer the question. It helped us a lot to hear your opinion.


obviously if she would not have turned around to get him he would have continued to run across and missed the motorcycle. wow.