Alleged attempted sexual abuse is broadcast live on Facebook.

June 28, 2021

Watch the exact moment an alleged attempted sexual abuse is broadcast live on Facebook.


To know more about the case visit the following URL:

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A terrifying video has begun to circulate profusely on social networks denouncing what would be an attempted rape in a house in the sector known as Reservas Tulipanes in the municipality of Apartadó, Antioquia.

In the recording, a young woman is observed speaking in front of a camera, apparently doing a university job, when she suddenly gets up from the post shouting and a stranger appears on the scene carrying a knife.

Later, while the recording continues its course, it is observed that the stalker, with a dagger in his hand, intimidates the woman and forces her to lie down trying to carry out the rape, however, the young woman objects.

For several minutes it is seen that the rapist speaks in a low voice to the young woman while threatening her with the sharp object so that she does not make noise; however, she continues to defend herself against threats.

In an instant of the events, it is observed that the victim manages to get away from the harasser and outside the camera loud screams are heard that apparently alerted the residents of the area, causing the stranger to flee the place.

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