Female police officer is attacked by a citizen during a routine approach and she is helped by people until reinforcements arrive.

June 2, 2021 4949 Views

Watch the exact moment a female police officer is attacked by a citizen during a routine approach and she is helped by people until reinforcements arrive.

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next time just shoot the hippie cunt.


Thas right.


These guys couldn’t even be bothered to put down the items they were carrying in one hand to help her. They are lucky he didn’t get his dirty paws on her service pistol, because he would of shot them all. To anyone who reads this, it’s absolutely the right thing to do when it comes to rescuing a police officer, but it’s very dangerous. Luckily there are some basic things you can do to keep yourself safe and successfully assist an officer. it’s important to remember a few things when coming to the aid of a police officer: 1) Always make a quick look around the scene to make sure other criminals are not also involved or looking to also assault the officer. 2) Always look for an unsecured weapon – this means that a weapon is in the hand of the attacker, or if a weapon is on the ground within reach of the perp. If there is a weapon on the ground, immediately kick it away so that the perp will not be able to access the weapon, UNLESS you are familiar with how to safely and effectively use the weapon. Once you’ve assessed the threat level, (this should be done in less than 5 seconds) and the perp is not armed, proceed to step 3. If the perp is armed, you must be able to figure out what the weapon is. If the perp has a gun, the only safe option is to move somewhere behind cover and call 911 with the most accurate address of the incident and be very clear in how you speak. If other bystanders are around, tell them to find cover and while someone calls 911, someone else should be calmly trying to reason with the person and not moving closer to them, making sure your hands are visible and that they perp knows you are just trying to talk, and you want to know what’s wrong. ”What’s wrong brother? This is something we can work out, but if you harm the officer, nobody will be able to help you. Be understanding and be agreeable. Tell them you hate the cops or anything else to make the perp feel comfortable to talk to you. Also keep in mind that 80% of shootings are related to a domestic disturbance, i.e., ”My wife left me!” ”My girlfriend cheated on me!”, etc, and the perp will often be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and they are completely absent of logic. 3) Call out to the officer, loudly and clearly with, ”OFFICER I AM HERE TO HELP! HERE TO HELP! DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE?!” If they say yes, listen to the officer carefully and do exactly what they ask. If they are unable to reply, for various reasons, the priority is to distract or move the perp or their arms to allow the officer to reach for their service weapon. If the perp is armed with a knife or sharp object, you must secure the arm holding the weapon. Do this by using both of your hands to grab the arm of the perp, with one hand just BELOW THE ELBOW, and the other on the wrist. Your instinct will be to pull the perp by grabbing their clothes or the upper part of their arm – do not do that, you’ll get stabbed. Get the arm with the weapon secured. This will allow the officer the use of both their hands and will be able to pull their service pistol and neutralize the threat. If the perp is not armed or is armed with a blunt object like a baseball bat or a club, a rear choke hold is the best option. Approach from behind and lock the perps head, keeping the head behind his/her body at all times. If you don’t they will be able to get leverage on you and stand up before the officer can draw their weapon safely.


Fuck me static, you drone on and on, don’t you? I stopped taking you seriously by the point I read your second sentence…..”would of”? There’s no such phrase. It’s “would have” or “would’ve” for short. Idiots think would’ve Is would of. Get It? I suggest you make such pointless, lengthy comments after you’ve learned to understand the English language; and how come you’re such an expert on this matter? What’s the source of these insightful skills of yours? From where did you get your assertion that “80% of shootings are are related to domestic disturbance”, because that’s utter nonsense (drug-related shootings and robberies top the list), as Is your claim that “the perp will often be under the influence of drugs or alcohol” – says who? What Is the source of these insightful claims of yours? And what exactly do you mean by ‘often’? That’s a moronic assumption with no value at all – often can mean anything because It’s an arbitrary statement, like all of your claims (you’ll most likely need to look up the word arbitrary).You say “If they say yes, listen to the officer carefully and do exactly what they ask”…..Who are YOU to demand that of everyone? Should we bow down and say “yes, oh great master, we shall do as you demand”. You pretentious, arrogant fool. Clearly, you must be an expert In Self Defence; Sociology; Psychology; Humanity; Police tactics and more. Give reference to your claims and explain your qualifications to make such claims, otherwise DON’T TALK SHIT! Big mouthed prick.

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