Girl being beaten mercilessly for being caught allegedly stealing in the Brazil slum.

August 9, 2021

Watch a girl being beaten mercilessly for being caught allegedly stealing in the favela of Brazil. The video is shocking and extremely violent but it portrays a sad reality.

First Video – Part 1

Second Video – Part 2

Third Video – Part 3

NEWS: Girl being beaten mercilessly for being caught allegedly stealing in the Brazil slum.

This type of punishment is very common in Brazilian favelas, where organized crime practically dictates the rules.

In many favelas in Brazil the state police force cannot enter. In those locations often criminal factions stipulate codes for when crimes occur within the favela.

The punishment is severe and brutal. Many times leads to death and the objective is to try to maintain a certain “stability”. As a result, the so-called “good citizens” live hostage to the rules imposed by organized crime in the region.

Unfortunately they have to live in the favela because they can’t afford to rent a house or buy property elsewhere. They are poor!

When a crime takes place in a crime-infested slum, the victim usually goes to the members to report the fact. They do that hoping for a minimum punishment of the criminal.

This is illegal. Despite the government’s efforts to retake the areas occupied by drug trafficking, it is very difficult to achieve victory. It is necessary to completely eradicate organized crime in these areas, which at the moment is practically impossible.

The only thing they can do is the daily combat to prevent these areas from getting out of control.

It is not clear whether the women who beat the other are part of criminal factions or not. They only make cursory references about it.

If you want to see other cases of illegal punishments practiced by vigilantes or people who decide to take justice into their own hands just click the following link: Punishment.

The Punishment category of this gore website has several videos and special articles. As always, I advise viewer description!

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It’s amazing how repeatedly she was whipped by those paddles and didn’t see any blood nor bruises on her arms or legs.


Its just bamboo sticks, not that harmful if nt hit in sensitive areas whih they werent for the most part. Theives usually get a finger cut off for theiving in favelas so she got off easy. If that was a man bye bye finger.

The site is not Brazilian but it has a lot of content from here hahaha

Little whore got off way to easy. Should of cut some of her fingers off at least.


Haha, I do notice they go easy on women over there, but women punished her, they might have thought cutting her hair and making her ugly was enough. They were probably jealous :/ .

Last edited 5 months ago by Kaira..

That dude didnt want to do it but he didnt want to not do it and get beat too so he gave her a tap lol


I try not to say it in public, but god I hate Brazil, it’s always them, uneducated disgusting people, everyday commenting everywhere about their country “Brazil! Come to Brazil!”
They see a single word in portuguese and they will move sky and earth to know if the commenter is from there, because supossedly IT’S AWESOME!
Man I don’t know what do you see so awesome, everybody is piss poor, so dumb that lives in a shit house but buys a giant tv to watch football, patriotic without a reason, corrupt, violent, full of shit, homophobic…

To me it’s like one of the worst countries in the world


HA HA HA I love this !!!!


Not to be an idiot, but… do those sticks really hurt that much? Lol!

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