Girls, be careful! We are in danger all the time.

April 20, 2021

Girls, be careful! We are in danger all the time.

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Whether real or fake a good tip for us girls or everyone (ig guys can get drugged too and possibly beaten? Just trying not to get hate here) everytime you look away place ur hand on the cup, and never leave it unattended. Saw this tip somewhere on insta


I don’t think It’s fake – well It Is, but not intentionally – I think It’s being viewed out of context. It seems pretty obvious to me that It’s a ‘warning advert’, shown on TV or cinema and showing how easily young girls can be drugged and then kidnapped, raped, murdered or heaven knows what. In fact, the above header; “Girls, be careful! We are in danger all the time” sounds very much like the title of such an advertising campaign. So I suppose we could say that It’s a dramatic depiction of a possible scenario, which serves as a cautionary tale for (mainly) young females……”this may happen to you – watch yourselves”, kind of thing. Look at the ‘drug tablet’ which the guy drops Into the girls glass; It’s huge! She’d have easily spotted It bubbling away as It dissolved In her clear drink. I think the tablet was made so large and obvious so that the viewers can clearly see It and understand what’s going on – If we the viewers missed It, the whole point of the video would be lost. Perhaps one of our fellow DGT viewers have seen this on TV In their particular country? Please let us know If you’ve seen It. What do you think, guys?

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I agree. Looks like an educational video. If real, the waiters acted exemplary, but the police acted like he had no clue of how to take care of a situation like this. Things could have escalated in a fraction if the suspect was a violent criminal. The suspect should have been arrested immediately on arrival and preferably handcuffed, in order to protect everyone. Now, the suspect sees the police approach and he watches how the police is yapping away with the waiter for a good 30 seconds. The suspect is panicking, thinking “How do I get out of this? How do I get out of this?”. Well, what then if he has a gun and starts shooting his way out? Or, he decides to take a hostage and kills her during the situation. I wish this was staged.


Who holds hands on a first date? Like seriously?


It’s an educational video, not real but still very useful for us girls


I even fucked on the first date. Could you imagine?


All the staffs are very efficient and a Hero ! They deserve an Award and a Reward ! I will be their faithful customer and will chose this place having a first date with a stranger !  😊 

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Great video! I’m so shocked how often we are in danger, for things like that I’m terrified of going out and spend most of the time locked up in my room


Fake as fuck


Los que realmente estamos en peligro somos los hombres, no podemos ir a ningún lado sin encontrar a una zorra que todo quieren gratis o te acusan de abuso por cualquier cosa, en un bar, antro, fiesta etc etc se encuentran buscando dinero o drogas sin importar el problema en que te metan.


That was interesting and very heroic.

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