GRAPHIC: Little cat being sexually slaughtered by a madman with no heart.

June 22, 2021 15297 Views

Watch a little cat being sexually slaughtered by a madman with no heart, VERY GRAPHIC!!!

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Jajaja Dahm cats


Give us more and longer qnimal vids pliss


lets have long vids of you


guys a POS


Poor kitty. I’m genuinely sorry you had to go through this, this universe is a fucking cruel place that should just extinct in my opinion.


Yeah, can’t imagine all the small mice and other animals ((like birds)) it tortured and ate… Poor cat. Poor cat ((that if)) was the size of a house dog ((like a German Shepard)) would literally be illegal to own, because it would kill you. Yep… Poor cat indeed.


Go take your meds cucknuts.


You’re the cuck in need of meds if you believe cats are anything close to being similar to humans ((in the way they think)) to where you would have to show a great amount of sympathy for them… I bet you’re the type that would rather watch your fellow man die, instead of these animals…? Eh? There’s a lot of people in this **sick** society that would, as far as I’m concerned… And if you are such a person than get the fuck out of here. lol. **Smacks Las Plagas behind the head**

Now watch this comment be dissapproved, because the moderator is also a cuck that likes to defend this cuck society that also likes to pretend that it’s not cucked. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this comment doesn’t end up being censored. 😉 This moderator already censored a few of them on other videos…

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Lmao… Wtf did I just watch!? O.o

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Wow this is dark as fuk omg I think I’m scared and I thought I was a blood lovin phsyco