Man has his half face slashed with machete blows.

August 13, 2021

In this video it is possible to see a man has his half face slashed with machete blows. The video is extremely strong and it is amazing that he is still alive.

NEWS: Man has his half face slashed with machete blows.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much information about this case.

Apparently this man may have got into a fight with another man for different reasons.

In that fight he was hit by a machete blow in the face, which disfigured him almost completely.

It’s amazing that he survived and managed to get to the emergency center to be treated.

The machete blow practically cut his nose, along with the top of his mouth. The sequels are sure to mark his life forever.

Once again, it happened in Brazil. A wonderful country with enviable flora and fauna around the world.

Unfortunately in this country the laws are weak and therefore criminals despite being arrested, do not spend much time in prison compared to first world countries.

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Man has his half face slashed with machete blows Photo 0001 Video Thumb
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Looked and sounded like the guy was laughing for a few seconds at the beginning. That’s gonna leave a gnarly scar.


Yes, I heard It too etheard, but I’m pretty sure It was one of the staff – ‘just another day at the office’ for Brazilian Doctors I suppose, they certainly don’t seem bothered, shocked or sympathetic. Besides, the poor guy’s got fuck all left to laugh with! You’re certainly right about the scar he’s gonna be left with.


Another fuckwit involuntarily contributed to the extreme irl anatomy media content. Kek


At least he has a nice smile going for him


I think they should teach “how to sharpen a machete” in elementary school.




I really can’t figure this out. If the top part of exposed flesh hanging from his lower jaw belongs where his upper jaw and nose should be – his mouth would be covered! So where does all that flesh belong? Even If we take Into consideration that his nose Is missing…..where the hell are his lips? The ‘lower flesh’ certainly seems too large and too long to fit around his jaw; where Is his mouth opening and so on? I’ve looked at this carefully, side-by-side with medical photographs and diagrams, but It’s like trying to finish an impossible jigsaw! I’d be both impressed and grateful If someone with an In-depth knowledge of physiology/pathology/anatomy could enlighten us! I spent almost six years as a Coroners Assistant ( a “Coroners Assistant” Is someone who assists the coroner and cleans-up during and after he does his work; not to be confused with “Assistant Coroner”, which Is a far more skilled position). Nevertheless, I’ve seen well more than the average person regarding facial damage and open/peeled faces during autopsy and I can’t work this one out. Not for one moment am I suggesting that this Is In any way fake – clearly It Is very real and genuine; indeed, this Is the reason that I’m so puzzled! What do you think, guys? Thanks!

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