Mother beats, humiliates and tortures her own teenage son for taking his hidden motorcycle.

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A mother was indicted for torturing and filming the aggressions against her son in the interior of the state of Amazonas, in Brazil. The teenager had his hair and eyebrows shaved while being gagged. During the torture session, he even heard insults from her.

Videos with images of the aggression circulate on social networks and are being investigated by the Civil Police. The case happened on February 21, in Rio Preto da Eva, 57 km from Manaus.

As soon as police heard about the case, a police team went to the family house and indicted the mother. The teenage son was heard and was under the responsibility of the Municipal Guardianship Council.

Other people also participate in the action, as shown in the footages. Everyone will be held accountable accordingly.

Initially, the mother cuts her son’s hair with scissors and then uses a razor to shave the young man’s head along with his eyebrows.

According to the delegate investigating the case, Henrique Brasil, the mother was heard and indicted for torture at the police station. The mother reported that she did this to punish the teenager involved in drug trafficking. On the day of the crime, he reportedly took her motorcycle hidden.

After shaving her son’s head and eyebrows, the mother takes a sandal and starts beating him.