The Demon lives in Brazil.

February 26, 2021 5197 Views

The demon lives in Brazil according to information from social networks. Last week, an unusual figure reminiscent of a black-skinned woman was seen tormenting a road in Brazil. She attacked cars, caused serious damage with her own hands and acted in an animalistic way. The police were called, but not found her. Later, in another video, local workers spot the same figure of the woman walking down the street. According to them, she climbed on her back on the coconut tree and simply disappeared when she reached the top. At the top she disappeared and the fire appeared and began to consume the upper part of the tree. Simply bizarre!

Part 2

Part 3 – Tree Burning

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That looks like a shapeshifter… Look closely at her face, in the beginning video… Where she’s running up to that car screaming. You can see her face morph into some animal face… Fucking weird…