Thief tries to invade home to steal in Brazil but it ends badly.

February 3, 2021

A thief tries to invade home to steal in Brazil but it ends badly.

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Tifa, have you managed to find any more information on this video? I’ve so many burning questions; for example, how long had he been hanging there at the time of the video? He certainly seems tired and exhausted, hardly able to move. He must have been there for a long while (and as we all know, being upside-down for a long time can cause serious problems of various kinds!). The on-screen clock (strategically placed!) hardly changes, suggesting that the situation went on for much longer before and/or after. Also, I can’t help but wonder if he recovered from his ordeal? If you can get hold of the date and/or general area, I’ll do as much research as possible to get the background story. Deal?

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There’s no need to sound so hostile, Tifa, I was only asking you a civil question in a friendly manner. I merely asked If you had any further information and a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ was all that was required, rather than an insulting tirade making me out to be wasting your time with pointless enquiries. The questions were just examples of my thoughts on the matter, I neither asked nor expected you to know the answers. I enjoy conversation and I’m sorry if that upsets you. I’m elderly and disabled and recently finished cancer treatment – when a person gets to my age and condition a little conversation Is a welcome distraction no matter how trivial or banal the subject matter might be. I’ve given you no reason to disrespect me.
I may be unwell and elderly but I do have a Masters degree In Science History, and until being forced to take early retirement aged 56 I was area manager for an International Pharmaceutical company……and yes, of course I realised that the clock was there to hide his ‘little fella’ (why did you think I said “strategically placed”?), but as they could have used any other item or symbol I thought that perhaps there was some further significance that they’d chosen to use a preference to something else, like a ‘smiley’ perhaps.
I’m sorry to have upset you – albeit unintentionally. I give you my word that I’ll never bother you again, so I’d be grateful If we can let the matter lie as I don’t wish to be further upset. I thought you’d welcome friendly messages and questions but evidently I was wrong.

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Hi Tifa,

Thank you very much for your kind message. I remember from a brief conversation we had some months ago that English wasn’t your first language, and I recall expressing my surprise that you wrote In English so very well.
I understand that there Is often a “lack of communication” In such circumstances, and I understand that the words you used were not intentionally rude or disparaging. As stated previously, your written usage of English Is exceptional – a little work on some of the more subtle areas of the language and you’ll have It perfected! Well done, Tifa, and I say that with complete sincerity. Your command of the English language puts many English people to shame!
Thank you also for your positive comments and kindness regarding my illness, It’s really kind of you to say that and It means a great deal to me. Have a lovely weekend, Tifa, and thanks again for taking the time and trouble to explain things, you’ve made me feel so much better.

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I think the thieves gild is gonna revolk his membership…..

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