Young male tries to assault police officers and resist arrest, but is shot and killed in Brazil.


To summarize, the police were called by residents of the region who complained about loud music and noise (disturbing peace, which in Brazil is a crime) in the middle of the street late at night.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the young people drunk and gave a voice of arrest. The young man resisted the approach and was arrested. In the confusion, he grabbed the officer’s club and tried to hit him. It was at that moment that the officers drew their weapons and fired to ensure their safety.


In Brazil, disturbing the peace is a crime! If it is late at night (or day) and there is a group of people (or even neighbors) with loud music, loud talking and noise, whose noise prevents people or neighbors from sleeping, these neighbors can call the police to stop the noise or party, and have the authors turn down the sound and noise.

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