Accidental autoerotic death #10. See my previous posts about similar accidental autoerotic deaths.

Italy. Hot 18 year old young man had accidentally hanged himself to death while masturbating. He used his black leather belt tied to a hand weight and flipped over the door so to hold it in place and to hold his body weight. While masturbating and hanging himself by slightly bending his knees on the other side of the door. With the use of the hanging strangling method he must have gotten extremely aroused and under this effect forgetting all sense of caution and limit, continuing to hang himself further. Until passing out and hanging to death.

His body was found by his twin sister at least 4 hours after death, after she saw a belted hand weight on top of the door leading to his room and suspecting something bad opened the door.

Before calling their parents and the police she had turned his body to lay on its stomach, since he had a hard erect penis (aka angel lust) and she did not want both their parents and the police seeing him with his penis erect, as the very first sight when they would get there.