Fuentes: https://www.infobae.com/america/peru/2022/11/18/la-libertad-bus-se-despista-y-deja-al-menos-10-personas-fallecidas/

The Regional Government of La Libertad issued an updated report on the tragic accident involving an interprovincial bus from the Emtrafesa company, which got lost at kilometer 668 of the Panamericana Norte, a few kilometers from the city of San Pedro de Lloc, in the province of Pacasmayo. The death toll rose to 13 and the number of injuries to 19.

Several of the people who required medical attention are recovering at the Santa Catalina health center and the Pacasmayo District Hospital. It was reported that the most affected were transferred to the Trujillo Regional Teaching Hospital.

The authorities indicated that the vehicle, license plate T2C784, left Trujillo at 06:45 in the direction of Chiclayo, when around 09:00, when entering the San Pedro oval, it lost its way and overturned, causing the death of 13 passengers and leaving almost twenty injured.