On November 20, 2022 at 6:30 a.m., Pol. Lt. Col. Thanathorn Phanchu, Police Station (investigation), Muang Police Station, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Receiving reports of a shooting and death in Soi Pepe, Karom Road, Pho Sadet Subdistrict, Mueang District, therefore, together with Pol. proof Doctors and staff from the Pracha Ruamjai Foundation came to inspect

The scene was in front of a rented house in the middle of the alley. The body of Miss Charanya (surname reserved) or “Fah”, 27 years old, was shot with a 9mm firearm in the head 1 time. According to the CCTV at the scene, it was found that before the incident, Ms. Jaranya, the deceased, rode a motorcycle to follow Mr. Anon (surname reserved) or “Mak”, 30 years old. Another woman at the rental house before Ms. Jaranya will use a mobile phone to live broadcast on her personal Facebook page. and have arguments It appears that Mr. Anon Firing a gun to threaten the sky 1 shot before walking to push Ms. Charanya’s motorcycle until it fell, then Mr. Anon Walked towards Ms. Charanya and used a gun to slap her face hard and another shot sounded, it appeared that the bullet pierced Ms. Charanya’s head until she died immediately. and Mr. Anon drove a Toyota sedan An unidentified white Vios fled.

From interrogation, Mr. Apithep or Tang, 30 years old, a witness who was at the scene and who was the owner of the room and was a friend of Mr. Anon, the shooter testified that Before the incident, Mr. Anon or Mack had an argument with his wife, Ms. Charanya or Fah, who died, with Mr. Anon leaving his wife’s house to live with him for about a month before the incident. Anon drove the aforementioned sedan and brought 3 female friends to sleep at his room.

It appeared that in the morning, Ms. Jaranya, the deceased, rode a motorcycle to look for the deceased in the room. until there was a serious argument which Mr. Anon tried to evict Ms. Charanya to go home, but Ms. Charanya refused to return and brought her own mobile phone to go live while arguing with Mr. Anon. The husband stayed for about 2-3 minutes before Mr. Anon to draw a firearm 9mm came out to threaten and shoot 1 shot in the sky to chase Ms. Charanya back home, but the deceased refused to make Mr. Anon Furious, went straight to use a 9mm gun to slap Miss Charanya’s left ear 1 time until the gun fired on Miss Charanya, causing her to collapse and die before Mr. Anon, husband and friend. Girls driving a Toyota Vios sedan quickly fled immediately

which the police collected all the evidence Including a live clip from a mobile phone on the deceased’s Facebook page. and images from CCTV in front of the rented room Gather evidence to issue an arrest warrant for Mr. Anon. And hunted to prosecute according to the law