The full story was published on the largest visited Russian news and public forum site. Screenshots from the article are included. Below is a shortened translated version.

Czech Republic. 18 year old young man was killed by a 39 year old male neighbor, as the result of an adult man lusting after a very beautiful young man and wanting to use him sexually.

He had invited teenager to his apartment by offering to play with him some new VR console video game. Once inside he had also offered a young man a drug laced Absinthe, so he would pass out soon.

After the young man had quickly passed out, the perpetrator proceeded to take off his shoes and clothes, leaving only his hoodie on. And started to give a young man oral sex with his mouth.

But after seeing a passed out young man’s penis getting very hard erected from oral sex, the 39 year old only got even more aroused and decided to do more to him. Laying him on a soft ottoman cube and restraining him by tying his legs and arms using very long elastic aerobic bands. And then proceeding to anally and orally raping young man.

His plan was still to let the teenager go free after he would be done with him, by first placing him on the couch, with an almost empty Absinthe bottle next to him. And then telling him in the morning that he just got drunk wasted and passed out on the couch.

But after some time the young man had awoken and started to scream loud for help. Realizing that his plan had totally failed now and panicking, the 39 year old had decided to kill the 18 year old by grabbing a thick plastic bag and putting it on his head.

The young man’s hands were tied with a very long elastic band that still left a good length of it free on the other end. So the perpetrator had grabbed the free end and wrapped it tight couple of times around the plastic bag on the young man’s head. And while holding tight and pulling the young man’s hands forward, letting the bag and tight noose to strangle suffocate him to death.

But one of the neighbors in the building have heard a young man screaming for help and called police.

The 39 year old have never had any sexual relations with men before, was married to a woman previously, was dating and inviting other women to his place and had later explained his unexpected fixation on an 18 year old young man because of the young man’s very beautiful feminine face and graceful body and just suddenly madly falling in sexual obsession with him.