Woman being beaten for cheating on her husband in the Favela, in Brazil.

March 4, 2021

Watch a woman being beaten for cheating on her husband in the Favela, in Brazil. The video part 2 is the man being beaten.

Part 2

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I’ve no problem with this. No serious damage done, no hits to her face or head, she’s had her punishment and hopefully learned her lesson and things can get back to normal once the soreness has gone. Betrayal by a wife Is the worst, most hurtful and humiliating thing a man can have done to him.


I was put in a wheelchair 4 years ago. Lost my ability to have sex. My wife decided after 30 years of marriage it was too much for her, so she steps out and screws another man. I’m supposed to except it. My time is ticking.


I’m sorry to hear about what you went through, Wheelz, and if my comment upset you. I’m living with the life-changing effects of treatment for throat/neck cancer, but despite the many problems it’s caused, I’m still here, and I consider myself very lucky indeed. I, too, have been unable to do the things I once could and I realise how fortunate I am that my wife has always remained by my side. I know from experience how devastating it is to discover that your beloved partner has pushed a knife through your heart. I’ve felt that cold blade go through my chest, Wheelz; it must be so more devastating when unable to walk and feeling vulnerable, I can’t imagine a worse scenario…..what a complete b**ch! Take care. (Sorry to have been so personal on an open forum!).

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You’re a cool dude Millerman, we should chat over email, can we directly message each other on this platform?


I’d be happy to chat with you, Sandurz! I think we may find that we have a lot in common!
I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or that kind of thing – I’m pretty sure that you feel the same way – but I’m happy to talk with a like-minded person such as yourself.
I’m not sure if we can get direct contact through ‘Deep Gore’, so why don’t we use this page to keep in touch until we sort something out between us? I would be sad if we lost this opportunity to stay in touch. Hope to talk to you soon, my friend.


Sounds good, I enjoy chatting with you. I’m actually a normal everyday dude, I’m VERY politically incorrect, but I’m just an average dude, no better no worse than anyone else, I just hate PC culture. I do troll a lot and act like a dick, but I also have a strong sense of justice. Perhaps me and thee are similar?

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why was the man beaten after? – just curious


hes the one who cheated with the woman

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