Women’s fight ends extremely wrong for one of them who suffers a serious fall.

May 25, 2021 12967 Views

Watch the exact moment a women’s fight ends extremely wrong for one of them who suffers a serious fall.

Girls Fight
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Splendid video!


no pussy pass for your hippie ass.


Who suplexes a female. I hope her neck isn’t broken.


Holy crap this girl is lucky she got knocked out and not paralyzed. For anyone reading this, please keep this video in mind of you are to fight someone. Unless you are fighting for your life, you should never fight this way. It’s a lowlife scum move. Generally it’s mostly only black males that will do these things to people. They will sucker punch you from behind, they will fight you if they have a 10 to 1 advantage, beat the life out of you, and then brag that they are tough, whereas anyone else knows that sucker punching and ganging up on people when you vastly outnumber them is a cowardly scum subhuman animalistic move. For some reason black males are mentally and morally defective when it comes to humility and honor. Thus it is advised to avoid fighting black males. As for the rest of us, we are only human and we can get very angry in the heat of the moment and want to beat the shit out of someone, but don’t let your emotions fall out of your control. It is never This is the exact kind of upper spine compression that causes total limb paralysis. In her case she is lucky because she’s super skinny and has a very light body on a medium frame, and she landed in a rolling motion rather than a straight down motion. These factors saved her, though she likely has ruptured discs and compound fractures in the L2-L5 region, which can leave her with inflammation and pain for the rest of her life, and she very well could be disabled from the pain that comes with this kind of injury.